Ramble report – Sat. 19 May

Last Saturday’s ramble in the Loughguile area began with a setback, but then improved.

Four of us arrived to ascend Croaghan and explore the Breen Forest (as we had last December, when inclement weather conditions had reduced the walk to an ascent and descent of Croaghan).

This time, we arrived to find the path closed and roped off, to keep ground-nesting birds safe. So we went along the road to the other end of the path, and followed easy forest tracks until we came to another part of the closure.

We then returned to the road, and walked along until we turned up a track to the summit of Slieveanorra, having lunch on the way in pleasant sunshine and woodland. We enjoyed the views from Slieveanorra, and a suprisingly stiff wind up there.

Knocklayd and Ballycastle Bay, from Slieveanorra, May 2018

View north from Slieveanorra summit, to Knocklayd and Ballycastle Bay

After that, two of the group returned to the vehicles by the same track and the road, and the other two returned by crossing about 3 km. of rough, boggy moorland, so making the walk worthwhile.

David, Nigel, Colin and Heather, with Croaghan in the background, May 2018

Our four walkers, with Croaghan in the background.


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